Intimate Joys Of British Escorts

British sociologists are indignant with the results of their research according to which every fourth British female is ready to have sex at the first date. It is much more than five years ago. Americans are worried about the situation at the love front not less than their UK colleagues. It turned out that the United States are leaders in the number of intimate delights on the park benches. And most of these sexual love pleasures happen at the first date: just after getting acquainted with each other males and females try to find out how well they do for one another in sex. Italians are also willing to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s” in this question. According to the survey 48% of Italian females at the age of 18 – 45 do not see anything blameworthy if the first date will have a sexual scale. If we take a look at the eastern countries 69% of males and females are ready to have sex at the first date and only 31% of respondents claimed it impossible.

Stunning British EscortSo let’s consider this problem from the other angle. What for do men and women have sex at the first date? As far as men are concerned – everything is simple: the hunter becomes confident if he manages to shoot his prey. And what about female escorts? What are their motives? Here is a short female story of most common motives.

First of all it is just a mere curiosity. A guy is handsome and quite relaxed; he understands the slightest wish of a female escort. He is not stingy and is ready to pay for a luxurious restaurant and buy a sumptuous bouquet of flowers. In such a situation an escort asks herself a question: why is he trying to be so amiable and well-mannered? It is worth giving him a whirl.

The second reason of indulging into intimacy is the fear that if she refuses to have this intercourse she will put a full stop at the first date and there will be no other chance to meet this man again. A female escort thinks that if she resists it her lover will think that she is an old-style sort.

Nobody will agree to languish in a sexual desire.

The other cause of making whoopee is the lust for night adventures. “I am bored with this world…” – thinks an escort. A slight flirting game after a cocktail or two can favour some serious relationship and that would be great for a female escort who is having a fit of the blues.
Our life is given only once and we must do everything to use any opportunity to be happy and to enjoy it. So why not?

Then female escorts tend to prove themselves and other people that they are experts of love affairs and somehow their initiative at the first date can be regarded as self-assertion. No doubt men will never regret intimacy with such females.

Needless to mention that love games for escorts at any kind of dates are a great art of skills. They are able to turn physical delights into a heavenly pleasure which men take with respect and long for it again and again. Female escorts are versatile and masterful jewelers of precious diamonds of love affairs.

And finally it is necessary to say that before thinking of really serious relationship have a try of experiencing intimate love games with the best female escorts.

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