World Famous Escorts

“Aren’t women prudes if they don’t and escorts if they do?”

Kate Millet (American feminist author)

world famous escortEscorting is not a new phenomenon – it has existed for a long period of time. May be some centuries ago, there were no terms like escorts agencies, directories and independent escorts, but there were escorts. A lot of them were low class companions, but high-class female escorts were also to be found.

There is a list of world famous historical persons who have engaged in escorting.

Laura Bell – was a famous well-educated escort of Victorian England. She was most notorious for allegedly earning 250,000 pounds for spending a single night with Nepalese Prince Jung Bahadoor, although other sources say that was the total he spent on presents for her over their full relationship.

Nell Gwynne – was one of the earliest London escort to receive prominent recognition, and a long-time companion of King Charles second. Called “pretty, witty Nell” by Samuel Pepys. She was charming, lovely and attractive female escort.

Cora Pearl – was a magnificent French escort in the 19th century. Pearl became involved in a life of escorting in London, and happened to meet several reasonably wealthy, respectful men who were interested in becoming her clients for more than just an evening’s amusement. These men needed little attention, as their main concern was a high class communication with a woman who was pretty, young, attractive and who could be socially acceptable, intelligent, witty and discreet. Her most famous lovers were: Prince Willem of Orange, Son of the King William 3 of the Netherlands, Prince Achille Murat and Duc de Morny (half-brother of Napoleon 3).

Madame de Pompadour (her real name – Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, Marques de Pompadour) – was a well know escort and the famous mistress of King Louse 15 of France.

Su Xiaojun (also known like “Little Su”) – was a splendid escort and poet from Qiantang city (China). Well known for her intellectual talent and great beauty, Su Xiaoxiao or “Little Su” pursued the values of love, beauty and humanity.

Michelle Tea – is an American bisexual author. Her autobiographical works explore strange, odd culture, feminism, working-class experience, escorting, and other important themes.

We can find famous escorts not only in the history, but also in mythology. There is a list of famous mythical escorts.

Bebhinn – in early Irish mythology was a Goddess of Pleasure and fertility. In the history the name Bebinn was associated with historical as well as mythical figures, including a number of queens and escorts.

Naamah – an angel of escorting, one of the close mate of the demon Samuel in Zoharistic Qabalah.

Xochiquetzal (Aztec mythology) – was a goddess of flowers, fertility, games, dancing, agriculture, also escorts and pregnant women. She was originally a moon and love goddess.

I want to finish this list with the words of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (the husband of Queen Elizabeth 2 of the United Kingdom): “I don’t think an escort is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing.”

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Intimate Joys Of British Escorts

British sociologists are indignant with the results of their research according to which every fourth British female is ready to have sex at the first date. It is much more than five years ago. Americans are worried about the situation at the love front not less than their UK colleagues. It turned out that the United States are leaders in the number of intimate delights on the park benches. And most of these sexual love pleasures happen at the first date: just after getting acquainted with each other males and females try to find out how well they do for one another in sex. Italians are also willing to dot their “i’s” and cross their “t’s” in this question. According to the survey 48% of Italian females at the age of 18 – 45 do not see anything blameworthy if the first date will have a sexual scale. If we take a look at the eastern countries 69% of males and females are ready to have sex at the first date and only 31% of respondents claimed it impossible.

Stunning British EscortSo let’s consider this problem from the other angle. What for do men and women have sex at the first date? As far as men are concerned – everything is simple: the hunter becomes confident if he manages to shoot his prey. And what about female escorts? What are their motives? Here is a short female story of most common motives.

First of all it is just a mere curiosity. A guy is handsome and quite relaxed; he understands the slightest wish of a female escort. He is not stingy and is ready to pay for a luxurious restaurant and buy a sumptuous bouquet of flowers. In such a situation an escort asks herself a question: why is he trying to be so amiable and well-mannered? It is worth giving him a whirl.

The second reason of indulging into intimacy is the fear that if she refuses to have this intercourse she will put a full stop at the first date and there will be no other chance to meet this man again. A female escort thinks that if she resists it her lover will think that she is an old-style sort.

Nobody will agree to languish in a sexual desire.

The other cause of making whoopee is the lust for night adventures. “I am bored with this world…” – thinks an escort. A slight flirting game after a cocktail or two can favour some serious relationship and that would be great for a female escort who is having a fit of the blues.
Our life is given only once and we must do everything to use any opportunity to be happy and to enjoy it. So why not?

Then female escorts tend to prove themselves and other people that they are experts of love affairs and somehow their initiative at the first date can be regarded as self-assertion. No doubt men will never regret intimacy with such females.

Needless to mention that love games for escorts at any kind of dates are a great art of skills. They are able to turn physical delights into a heavenly pleasure which men take with respect and long for it again and again. Female escorts are versatile and masterful jewelers of precious diamonds of love affairs.

And finally it is necessary to say that before thinking of really serious relationship have a try of experiencing intimate love games with the best female escorts.

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Beauty Standards | Hints from Elite Escorts

Appearance… Beauty… Ugliness… Escorts got used to evaluating. Eyes, mouth, hair, teeth, height, weight, proportions. Elite Escorts are dolling themselves up.  They are shading something, underlining or hiding. They are looking at the mirror and catch their reflection.

If we speak about beautiful appearance, it is quite difficult because its canons are really changeable. At Rembrandt’s times crummy mature females were considered to be attractive. In the middle of the 21st century busty Marilyn was the standard of beauty. Recently brunette escorts have been acknowledged as the ideals.

Why does society need such standards?

It seems that the question should be addressed to designers of fashion houses. London escorts claim that neither diets nor exercises nor injections of beauty make them fetching but something else. Here are some things that make model British escorts admired by men and can help any woman to understand that she is attractive.

First of all, it is agreement with oneself. When escorts live without particular inner contradictions taking themselves as they are – they begin radiating warmth. They smile at themselves and at the people around. Even if escorts don’t like something in their personality, something that they want to change – they treat such a condition as a reason for sitting at the negotiating table with those personal traits that prevent them from being in harmony with their inner world.

Elite escorts are completely sure that there is no use in starting a war with yourself which will inevitably cause resistance and intensify inner conflicts. There are two ways of the end of this battle – the first one is that you add quite a number of wrinkles to your embittered face, and the second – it will make your body built a defense space suit of depot fat…

Secondly, the understanding of the sense of living make escorts beautiful. It is when they understand with whom and why they live this day, what values they have and what aims they set.

Thirdly, compassion makes escorts so attractive – first and foremost compassion to themselves. Escorts believe even if a female makes a mistake she can forgive herself for it without devaluation of her personality. She should perceive this mistake as a little step to herself as a lesson of life. And when you treat yourself in such a way it becomes easier to forgive without developing a tangle of offences like unrealized expectations, without contaminating the inner moral world with negative emotions.

Fourthly, balanced energy adds positive traits to our appearance. It is when our body feels healthy and our soul has a free and positive space for living, when the roots of childish, cheerful curiosity are alive. Escorts are convinced that any female will become more charming if she is ready to smile at a sun ray all of a sudden even in her everyday routine life, or a fat impudent crow, or a casual passer-by who held the door for her at the underground station.

But how to check all this reasoning? How to believe that you are a beauty? Elite Escorts suggest looking at your eyes, the mirror of your soul without fuss and haste having chosen just several quiet minutes in order to be with yourself.  At least five breathe -ins and breath-outs are enough to believe in yourself and get read of informational junk of imposed outer standards of beauty.

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